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School band

At Mimosa Public School we believe in a comprehensive education where traditional academic subjects co-exist with the creative arts and sport, to provide a well-rounded learning experience for all children.

All students in Year 3 to Year 6 are invited to join the Mimosa band program.

The Mimosa band program provides outstanding opportunities for children to learn an instrument develop as a musician and enjoy the social benefits of interacting with other children in the band program.

Discipline and organisational skills are instilled in the children as they are required to attend twice weekly band rehearsals, lessons with their instrument tutors and complete regular instrument practice at home.

Children also develop confidence and leadership by regularly participating in band performances for the school and the community throughout the year.

In addition, research has proven that students who study music have better language and math skills and better spatial-temporal reasoning.

A love and appreciation of music is for life—be inspired!

Important information


  • contact us by email at mimosaband@live.com

  • please let us know if your child will not be attending a rehearsal or performance.


Commitment and dedication requirements

  • undertake weekly private tutor lessons

  • attend twice weekly band rehearsals

  • practice band music/pieces at home

  • attend all band performances.


Important information that we require from you

  • tutor details

  • instrument and music contracts

  • behavioural contract

  • medical Information

  • NSW government working with children check form for volunteers.


Instrument repairs are only to be undertaken by our approved repairer under the instruction of the band committee.