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School times and term dates

School times and term dates

Our supervised school times are 8:45am -3:15pm each day. Outside of these times, students do not have direct access to teacher supervision. Students should not arrive at school before the 8:45am play bell. If students are at school for a few minutes prior to this time, they are to sit on the silver seats in the bottom playground. Parents are encouraged to book children into MOOSH in the mornings if they are arriving prior to 8:45am.

In the afternoons, our bell goes at 3:15pm which is the end of the school day. There is no supervision for students past 3:15pm and parents must make childcare arrangements from this time. Students are unable be supervised by staff members after 3:15pm. Again, students need to be booked into MOOSH if you cannot collect your child by the end of the school day.  There are often occasions where there is an emergency or you are unavoidably detained and are going to be late. In this case please call the office to discuss how we can assist with sorting childcare.

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For further information regarding NSW public school term dates for next year and other key dates, please click here to visit the Department's website.